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CAMPS & Activities Important Information.

Camp Payment: Payment is due in full at time of enrollment.

Payment options: online Registrations

Check payment to our business address, please contact for more details:
Camp registration check or cash payment option is only accepted if communicated with instructor and confirmation email is sent out to you. If you have only made attempt for gaining knowledge of details and sent out checks after all seats are prior reserved online, we cannot guarantee spot for your child.

Please verify your confirmation after checks are mailed. We will send confirmation email.

Cancellations, Exchanges, and Refunds: Due to the high demand for camp spaces, each sale will be considered final. Enrollment is not transferable from student to student. The Colorful Arts reserves the right to cancel classes that do not meet the minimum enrollment. If a class is canceled, patrons will receive a full refund.
Inclement Weather : In the event of severe inclement weather, we will make every effort to announce closure as quickly as possible. If a class is closed due to inclement weather, there will be no refunds or exchanges.

Instructor Sickness : In the event your scheduled instructor has an emergency, a competent substitute instructor within the company will be provided for the class. If there is not another instructor available, class will be closed that day. Notification of this change or closure will be sent by email. If a class is closed due to instructor sickness, there will be no refunds or exchanges.

Students Age Requirements: Strict adherence to age is expected. Even if your child is gifted, we ask you to enroll him/her in the appropriate class. Because our program allows students to work at their own pace, your child should not feel out of place.

Class room Observation: Parents are not allowed to stay in the classroom during class time.(Unless otherwise needed in special conditions)

It creates distraction for their child and the instructors and other class students. We pay close attention to the door and do not allow anyone to enter during class. If at all you are concern for safety, parents are welcome to stay within the facility in waiting area if available or visit often to observe class from outside, as long as it does not disturb or distract your child or class.

Student / participant Behavior Expectations: As this is a fun learning environment, our instructors have the same expectations for your children as their teachers do in school during learning sessions.  Inappropriate or unacceptable behavior will result in student will  being dismissed from activity and notified to parents orguardians immediately. Refunds will not be given. Parents are expected to communicate if at all any special emotional behavior child must be facing. We cannot take responsibility for working one on one student learning during fun learning times. All activities are designed for group learning sessions.A child with disabilities or other special needs , we request parents and guardians (age 18 and over mandatory) to stay in or nearby during session time ,that way child gain full attention and enjoy and comfortable while giving attention and focus on activity.We are not lisenced teacher education center and not nessesorily hire special need teachers or staff in facility. Our facility is fun learning activity center where group lessons are practiced.We share of concepts and knowledge and skills. Once again all activities are designed group learnings with easy fun lessons. We try our best to group children in different ways- Sometimes age/grade or even interest level depending upon possible conditions/class engagement/ registrations/numberofseats and various aspects.

Student Medication Needs: ArtsCampsClasses - STEAM Umbrella LLC will NOT responsible for administering medication to children. Consult a pediatrician about altering the child's dosage so that medication can be administered outside of class hours.

Allergy Action Plan: ArtsCampsClasses - STEAM  Umbrella LLC will not hold responsibility for extreme allergic situations as all programs are run in PUBLIC facility where multiple events take place with verity foods in and out.As sometimes many parents /guirdians unable to follow our guiedlines on nutfree products in lunch or snacks it becoms challenging and not possible to gurentee any of facility to be secure nutfree zone. If child is allergic to anything in high volume, we request parents and guardians (age 18 and over mandatory) to stay in or nearby facility during session time for safety. (Not in side classroom in some situations )

  • In the case of severe food allergies, it is not possible for us to monitor the food other children bring to class. We are NOT a nut-free zone. Once again all activities are designed group learning and we request parents not to send peanut products. However we cannot guarantee for participants lunch or snacks.

Class /camp room Supervision: Safety is priority. Students are supervised all the time during sessions.

Waiver and Release of Liability: You must review and accept the Terms of Sale during checkout which includes the Waiver and Release of Liability information.
STEAM Umbrella LLC - ARTs camps classes is not licensed child care services. The exclusive educational focus of our program is teaching your children the creative skill for Arts and Crafts, using variety of material with , paint, easel, and pencil/brush/crayons / Pastels / and much more handful of materials including glue and child safe scissors.
As with any program, there are typical risks of injury you should be made aware of loss or damage to personal property, injury or fatality due to, and/or related to walking, running, jumping, colliding with other students, and/or other physical activity, head, neck, arm, leg, and/or back or any other unexpected injuries including unexpected cut or scratch by paper/pencil or scissors or any other materials with accidents.

*  Exposure to inclement weather, outdoor terrain, and all the risks inherent therein, slips and falls and all other aspects and stress related to the camp, including interaction with personnel who may not be employees of STEAM Umbrella LLC - ARTs camps classes among others.

* The condition of facilities which are not under the control and maintenance of STEAM Umbrella LLC - ARTs camps classes . We will try our best to work with and use correctly all available space and furniture or belongings. However we cannot guarantee for any accidental injury due to many hands on activities and fun games and learning.Safety is always our priority and practiced and we will do our best to work on it. 

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