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Visual Arts Program


Introduction to line drawing, concepts,Layout design and practices of art through visual and art historical perspectives. Students will be engaged in discussion about the elements of art, such as content, composition, style, method and materials nd learn to express their ideas through art.

Small class size, providing an environment for us to

*work with each child, *answer questions,

*demonstrate techniques and *encourage exploration.
Our Visual art classes are designed for children age 5 and up.

Many of our students find a new interest in exploring their own creativity.
 In progressive colorful art classes, children

*Draw, *Design, *Imagine, *Sketch and *Explore

using a wide variety of artist materials and techniques.
​We work together on 
*variety of techniques like 

*printmaking, and

*mixed media to develop

* personalexpression all in

an atmosphere of

 fun and learn!

These classes are designed to develop and broaden critical and creative thinking skills, understanding of and appreciation for the visual arts and culture and increase students’ proficiency in visual art techniques and processes.

Display : Students achievements in school
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