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1.      All Parties bookings require full minimum 2hr -up to 10 participant group payment in advance.

2.      Extra time can be reserved for after party $50 for every 30 minutes. Longer time is only available                     depending our pre-bookings or events. Please let us know in advance if you are looking to have longer time           so we will arrange staff as well as other events accordingly.

3.      Party for Kids - Drop off Party.

         Party with participants parents or Family attending whole time - $50 Extra charges  will be                     applied for arrangements and accomodation.

         All Parties will have party assistant / instructors according to age group and party size

4.      Additional number of participant’s payments will be applied at end of the event.

5.      Bookings can be made up to 6o days in advance, and a minimum of 2 day in advance upon availability. For             same day availability please call us for better arrangements of party instructors or coordinators.

6.      Painting OR not. Let us know your purpose of reservation and our party host/ event host will be available full           time during your attendance to help you with room setup.*Tape and pushpins may NOT be used on walls.

7.      Party decorations. 10 minutes prior to party - no charge.

8.      Party Decorations Do it on your own-30 minutes Prior to party will be charged $25

9.      If you want OUR STAFF to decorate with any of your party supplies-30 minutes $50- Please let us             know in advance so staff will be available for decoration 30 minutes before party time. All before and after             extended times are depending upon availability.

10.    No Pushpins to walls

11.    Bring your Cake / finger foods/ fruit trays/ and non-alcoholic drinks If you like.NO NUTS/ PEANUT Products             Please.

12.    Bring your cutlery / silverware. or Silverware package is available $20: Includes: paper plates for                 cake – food /drinking cups/spoon -fork/napkins etc.

13.    Please note: We do not provide or cook or have any facility of kitchen or reheat any foods or allow any Flam           or candle food warmers in our facility.

14.     Any accidents with foods and stains will be subject to cleaning fees of $30 and above depending upon                    stains. 

15.     Smoking is prohibited.

16.     Flames are not permitted. This includes birthday candles and sternos. However we do provide simple "one”            candle from our facility for celebration cake.

17.     For any parties or events party attendant / coordinator /our employees will have full authority to request ID            and or upon any inappropriate behavior we will have full rights to request attendees to leave the facility.                There will be No refunds.

18.     No cover charges or fees may be charged by host or authorized representative for admissions for any                     meetings/ events/gathering or sale or resale goods or services.

19.     No fire arms, explosive or flammable materials allowed.

20.     No fog machines, confetti, glitter in balloons or paint splash items.

21.     Events which are not painting party - should not involve any paid participation / sale or resale of any goods            or merchandise

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